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This anthology, in French, English and German throws a rare insight into the lives of Swiss Quakers. It includes the writings of such well-known figures as Pierre Ceresole, the founder of Service Civil International, Helene Monastier, and Elisabeth Rotten, but also the thoughts and lives of many lesser known Friends who expressed their belief by humanitarian actions. The views expressed are profound, sometimes sad, sometimes funny and together show the distinct character of a group of non Anglo-Saxon Friends who have adopted the message of George Fox and made it their own.

La présente anthologie en français, en anglais et en allemand donne un aperçu peu commun des vies des quakers suisses. Elle inclut des écrits de personnalités célèbres telles que Pierre Ceresole, fondateur du Service Civil International, Hélène Monastier et Elisabeth Rotten, mais aussi de nombreux Amis moins connus qui ont exprimé leur foi en participant à des actions humanitaires. Les opinions exprimées sont profondes, parfois tristes, parfois pleines d'humour et illustrent, dans leur ensemble, le caractère distinct d'un groupe d'Amis non anglo-saxons qui ont adopté le message de George Fox pour en faire le leur.

Diese Anthologie in französischer, englischer und deutscher Sprache gibt seltene Einblicke in das Leben der schweizer Quäker. Sie enthält Schriften so bekannter Persönlichkeiten wie Pierre Ceresole, dem Gründer des Service Civil International (SCI), Hélène Monastier und Elisabeth Rotten, bringt uns aber auch das Gedankengut und Leben weniger bekannter Freunde näher, die ihren Glauben durch Handeln zum Wohle ihrer Mitmenschen ausdrückten. Die Ansichten und Aussagen sind tiefschürfend, manchmal traurig, bisweilen lustig und zeigen in ihrer Gesamtheit den ausgeprägten Charakter einer Gruppe von Freunden ausserhalb des angelsächsischen Raumes, die die Botschaft von George Fox angenommen und zu ihrer eigenen gemacht haben.

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2011 Switzerland Yearly Meeting
(10 - 13 June 2011)

The annual gathering of Switzerland Yearly Meeting will be held over the Whitsun/Pfingsten weekend 2011 in Charmey, near Gruyère in Canton Fribourg.

Past Yearly Meetings

In 2002 the keynote lecture was given by Jackie Leach Scully on the theme "Playing in the Presence: Genetics, Ethics and Spirituality"

In 2003 the keynote lecture was given by Helen Bays on the theme "Quaker Witness to the Rights of the Child. The story of a personal journey guided by the spirit"

In 2004 the keynote lecture was given by Bronwyn Harwood on the theme "How do we live our Quaker Faith and our Quaker traditions today?"

In 2005 the keynote lecture was given by Ben Pink Dandelion on the theme "Quaker Testimony"

In 2006 the keynote lecture was given by Roswitha Jarman on the theme "The spiritual basis of peacework." The text of the lecture can be read here in English or German.

In 2007 the keynote lectures were given by Rachel Brett and David Atwood of QUNO in Geneva and Liz Scurfield and Martina Weitsch of QCEA. The theme was "Peace work at the UNO and the EU. What does it mean for us?"

In 2008 the theme was increasing the vibrancy of our Quaker Community. Addresses were given by Kerstin Mangels and Julia Ryberg and the text of Julia's talk can be downloaded here. There was also a particular focus on the under-19s programme including making a video.

In 2009 the theme was "Recognizing Our Personal Gifts" and the Meeting included three sessions offering a choice of workshops on a wide veriety of themes.

In 2010 the theme was "The Peace Testimony Today". Some reviews of Switzerland Yearly Meeting 2010 can be found in Issue 93 of Geneva Friends newsletter News and Views.


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