Projects and Organisations supported by Switzerland Yearly Meeting

Projects supported:

Quaker Peace Center Capetown
Play Center Ramallah
Neve Shalom / Wahat al-Salam
ICAHD / Mosaic

Quaker Organisations:

QUNO Geneva
QCEA Brussels
Ulster Quaker Service

Swiss and International Organisations:

Service Civil International
International Peace Bureau
Church and Peace

Priorities and criteria for service projects and programs

  1. Does the project help towards the solution of conflict and maintenance of peace?
  2. Is our contribution of such a financial order that the intended contribution to the project will really make a difference?
  3. (related to No. 2) Does the supported organization need our contribution urgently?
  4. Does the project prepare people for development by using local initiative and training?
  5. Is the supported organization of sufficient transparency and will it give sufficient assurance for the proper use of our financial contributions? Is the use of the contributions sufficiently clear and transparent?
  6. Is the organization to be supported a Quaker one or one which follows similar principles?
  7. Can we expect a long-lasting effect with our participation?
  8. Are other Quaker service agencies already making financial contributions? If so, can we work with them to make an effective partnership or should we leave the support solely to them?

Also playing a certain role is whether our contributions might become regular over several years, affecting our budget.

These criteria, applied with some flexibility, guide the selection of projects and programs to be supported by Swiss Friends.

Anyone wishing to contribute to any of the projects may do so through the SYM treasurer.


For further information about the Service Committee please contact:

Ursula Bircher
Reuelweg 20
CH-3045 Meikirch

For information about other Quaker service bodies in Europe please see the web site of the Quäker Hilfe Germany YM: (in German)

or Quaker Peace and Social Witness of Britain YM: (in English)